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Doug Kershaw to Headline Frolics

Doug Kershaw was born in 1936 and raised in a musical family on a houseboat near Louisiana’s Calcasieu River, which makes him the real deal on being Cajun. The lyrics that he wrote to Louisiana Man were autobiographical and happened to be the first song ever broadcast back to earth from the moon during the 1969 Apollo 12 Mission. From an alligator-filled swamp to the barren lunar surface, that’s quite a reach for any song.

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Bohemian Princess Diary

Howdy, Texas music fans! Great thing about music is that you can listen to it anywhere! But we miss our dancing community and hope we will be scootin’ our boots and kickin’ up our heels in dance halls, festival pavilions, and church picnic fields soon!

Theresa Cernoch Parker
Me at the Dubina Picnic. Left: In 2012, thanking Mark Halata for mentioning in between songs.
Me at the Dubina Picnic. Right: In 2017, Shiner Hobo Conductor Rita Janak uses her hat to cool off me and Louise Barcak. Every little bit helps when you're outside in July

From the Publisher

Welcome to the 5th Annual Spring & Summer Fest Guide. So many festivals. That's the purpose of this guide. Similiar to our Oktoberfest Guide published in August, this guide will help you plan your spring and summer weekends.


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