About Texas Polka News

The Texas Polka News was started by Julius Tupa of Houston in 1987 with the mission to preserve and promote polka music and dance. When Julius passed away in 2002, his wife, Marie, continued as publisher, and Julius' friend, John Rivard, took the reins as volunteer editor. John stepped down as editor in June 2014, and Marie sold the paper to Theresa Cernoch Parker, who resumed publishing in September 2014. In addition to polka, the paper covers other dance hall music including Country, Western Swing, and Cajun, and celebrates live music, such as Opry, across the state.


The event’s official name, Pražská Pout, means something like “Prague Pilgrimage” in Czech. Praha is the Czech name for the City of Prague in the Czech Republic. The immigrants who settled in Praha, Fayette County, named their new community after the ancient capital city of their homeland.