WIED Hall Memories

Wied Hall was featured in the documentary Dance Hall Days. A screening of the film was shown at the hall on Dec. 9, 2018 with commentary from the director Erik McCowan, musicians from the Kross Kountry Band, and Kallus family descendants.

“Great sounds, good memories, and good atmosphere are everywhere in this hall,” said musician Howard Gloor who attended many dances and has played with various bands in the hall including Kross Kountry and Los Kolaches. “Here’s to a long life for this Lavaca County landmark!”


“When Mr. Kallus had the hall, on the west side was a ‘baby nursery’. The couples would put their children down and go and dance. I remember as a teenager being in a Beseda (Czech square dance). My partner was Rudy Kurtz Jr. There were four couples. We wore a yellow skirt with a white fluffy sleeved blouse. I still have mine in the closet.” –

Bea Butschek

“It was special to me to have my wedding at Wied Hall because my mom and dad (Mike and Shirley Johnson) met there. The hall could be molded into whatever theme you want. My theme was 1920’s.” - Reagan (Johnson) Jahn

Wedding receptions took place at the bride’s family home. In the evening everyone went to Wied Hall for the dance. Like the wedding of George Kallus to Anita Morkovsky in 1937. After the reception at the Kallus house, everyone walked across the road to the hall for the dance. Soon after that, wedding receptions were held at the hall. – As recalled by Lucille Janak Klekar, daughter of Annie Kallus and Stanislav Janak, and granddaughter of A.J. Kallus

The soda stand was a separate building outside of Wied Hall. Kids would dig in the dirt around the soda stand to look for coins. It was really exciting to find a coin. – As recalled by Agnes Pesek Kuenstler, daughter of Henrietta Kallus and Rudolph Pesek, and the granddaughter of A.J. Kallus

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