From the TPN Archives: Jan/Feb 1994

At the September meeting of the Houston Area Accordion Association a reporter from one of the local papers was present to get material for an article about our new club. He asked some of us what we liked about the accordion. Naturally, what accordionists like is the sound it produces. I find that people who enjoy the sound of the accordion are happy people, and I would describe the most common accordion sound as a happy sound. Of course, it has other possibilities. One of my previous columns dealt with the bandoneon sound in the classic tango ensemble. That sound is sometimes a sad or wistful component of the whole. When a classical accordionist performs, the accordion can produce a solemn or sedate sound, reminiscent of a church organ. Whatever the sound they might make, I have found accordionists to be lively and fun people. And most accordion music is dance music with which people have hours of fun enjoying themselves.


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