Polka Magic Reborn

Thanks to the magic of technology, some of the Dancehall Boys (now known as Czech Melody Masters) greatest hits, have been compiled on two new albums. Volume One contains songs from radio station promos and previous cassettes. Volume Two has all live tracks recorded at Dubina Picnic and other Dancehall Boys' dances in Texas.

There are many well-known polka and waltz tunes on these recordings. One that really gave me listening pleasure has to be Fire Brigade Polka. Whether it was the vibrant sound of the keyboard accordion, or the novelty fun of the cowbell ringing, this song made my mood feel joyous, and that is what polka music is all about.

Another song that is sure to bring you pleasure is Tinker Polka. Dancehall Boys play the introduction to this song on those dual trumpets and it sounds more beautiful than a tropical ocean. Plus, when John yells, "Y'all Happy?" it really brings this tune to life.

The Volume Two CD really hits its musical stride on Beautiful Dream Waltz. Dancehall Boys do a great job paying tribute to Lee Roy Matocha by featuring the keyboard accordion as the lead instrument. The real epic moment happens when the Czech vocals are sung magnificentally as most bands do this song as an instrumental. Stone Heart Waltz is probably one of my favorite waltz songs out of all the recordings. Whether it was the sound of the drum block or the excitement from the trumpets and accordion combo, this song is a "must not skip."

Red Beer Polka is a tune that defines Texas Czech Culture perfectly. This song is all about enjoying a pivo while having a good time with friends. If that doesn't say Czech Pride, I don't know what does. These CDs are sure to please anyone who enjoys polka music. These CDs are limited release editions, so order quickly at czechpolka.com.

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