Patek Orchestra's Daniel Malik Leaves the Stage

Daniel Malik was the next to last surviving full time member of the legendary Joe Patek Orchestra and a veteran of his own orchestra and several other influential bands.

Daniel Malik was born in 1938 in Lavaca County and spent his life working and playing music in the area. Daniel’s father and uncle both played polka music informally with family and friends and Daniel played along on a trumpet. This feeling of camaraderie instilled the desire to entertain and play music that was fulfilled when The Charlie Tousek Orchestra had an opening for a saxophone player. Daniel went right out, bought a sax, learned to play it by ear, and was a member of the orchestra two weeks later. After playing several years with them, he left to become a founding member of Yoakum’s The Hub City Dutchmen who quickly became much in demand. The Dutchmen once performed 14 days in a row. They were invited to perform in Wisconsin and to help finance the trip had booked a gig in each state that they drove through enroute and back.

After the Hub City Dutchmen went their separate ways, Daniel started his own group, The Dutchmasters, which had several variations including the Singing Dutchmasters with Marvin Hajek. Daniel kept quite busy playing weddings and picnics.








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