Meet the New National Polka Fest King & Queen

Elaine Rosquist and Louis Stewart Jr. were crowned king and queen on Fri., May 24 at the 53rd Annual National Polka Festival. Twelve couples competed in the 33rd Annual King & Queen Dance Contest. Texas Polka News had an email chat with the new royals.

You’ve seen them on the little screen in the Mollie B Polka Party and the big screen in The Mule. Now you will see them at dances and festivals wearing the king and queen sashes promoting the National Polka Festival. Elaine and Louis had many reasons for entering the dance contest. In fact, Louis outlined five great reasons.

“First, to just have fun, dance as well as we could, and do our fun moves. Second, to have the chance to be named King and Queen of such a prestigious dance contest. Third, to be able to ride on the float. I had an awesome time. Our adorable Polka Princess, Tatum, made being on the float even more fun as her family and friends cheered her on all along the route. Fourth, I thought it would be a great experience with Mollie B and SqueezeBox playing and some of our friends also competing. It was surreal before the final song, as I realized we made the final three couples with our friends Stanley, Betty, Tim and Kim, who were all in Clint Eastwood's movie, The Mule with us, while Mollie B and Squeezebox are playing for the contest. Fifth, I wanted the opportunity to represent the National Polka Festival as their King, polka music and polka dancing in general, and go around Texas and the United States to major dance festivals and promote these three things.



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