Mason Krause, Straight To The Brass Table

Many people would agree that one of the most beautiful things to see is a young musician carrying on a style of music that everyone loves. Mason Krause, surely does that superbly. Krause is a newcomer to the polka scene but has adapted to the environment without struggle. Mason plays trombone in the Needville High School band and lately has been branching out to playing with various polka bands in his area.

The town of Damon is very close to Rosenberg and Needville, Texas. Damon used to be known as Damon's Mound, a salt dome. For Mason, the town is known as "home sweet home."

The year 2001 was more than lucrative for the United States. Brooks & Dunn's song Only In America was a hit and a country music anthem. Gasoline was $1.46 per gallon and the 9/11 disaster was the talk of the world. That was also the year Mason Krause was born.

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