Klaberheads Release New Song

Oktoberfest Brings Out the Wurst

Nationally recognized German band,
The Klaberheads, has released a music
video for their original song Oktoberfest
Brings Out The Wurst. This fastpaced
polka follows a mild-mannered
businessman who gets swept away into
his own Oktoberfest daydream, where
he can’t wait for the party season to
begin! From an office scene to the big
finale, this video is full of quick onescene
shots, Klaberhead hijinx, and so
many Oktoberfest “Easter eggs” that
you will have to watch it several times to
get the complete experience. Watch it on
YouTube/The Klaberheads.


The original Franz Klaber Orchestra
was founded in 1930 by Franz Klaber
and is one of Southwest Ohio’s oldest
continuously running bands. Franz’s
vision was a group of talented musicians
that mixed popular music with
traditional German songs.
Franz’s daughter, Mary Ann sang,
and his two sons, Bill and Franz Klaber,
Jr., joined while they were in junior
high school. At the age of 24, Franz Jr.
took over the band and continued the
tradition. The Klaberheads are now led
by the third generation, Erika Klaber,
who has carried on her father's and
grandfather’s vision while bringing her
own style to the group.
Look for The Klaberheads to “bring
out the wurst” at Oktoberfests from
Cincinnati to Portland, Oregon!


I’m just an ordinary guy
I go to work, pay my bills and rarely lie
But when the season comes around
Something inside of me is found
It puts my life in check
And there ain’t no holding back
I dawn my Tyrolean hat
I wear my hosen like a chosen diplomat
And while you’re sleeping in your bed
I practice my polka steps instead
And while you think about your life
I might be dancing with your wife

I love the food; It sets the mood
Eating sausage by the dozen
Stealing pretzels from the oven
And then we dine; On Beers in Steins
I drink more than I can handle
Yes my intake is a scandal
I can’t contain this German thirst
Oktoberfest brings out the wurst
My Family knows this time of year
When I start cooking everything in beer
And the brats will roll around
While all the onions get cooked down
And we’ll put them to the test
At the next Oktoberfest
My sauerbraten is on point
And my schnitzel will tear apart the joint
But my leberwurst alone
Will have you dreamin’ of your home
And after your first bite
It turns you German overnight!

It’s like a flood
It’s in my blood
I bleed black and red and gold
I found a spirit you can’t hold
It’s understood
Up in my hood
When you see that keg a flowin
Grab a stein and get it going
I’ve heard it calling since my birth
Oktoberfest brings out the wurst

YouTube Link: Oktoberfest Brings Out The Wurst - The Klaberheads

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