DJ Profile: Thomas Durnin

Thomas Durnin has been hosting a polka show on KOOP-FM in Austin for many years now. He is also the bass player for Czech Melody Masters. I had the opportunity to ask Thomas a few questions and learn more about him.

TPN: What do you enjoy most about being a polka DJ?

TD: My greatest satisfaction comes from sharing the historical recordings in my collection of the many Texas bands that have recorded this music, whether they are old recordings such as 78rpm records or LPs and cassettes put out mostly by Texas labels.

TPN: Do you have any fond memories of performing with CMM?

TD: I remember we were playing some kind of street festival on 6th St here in Austin, when the actor Matthew McConaughey, wearing some weird cat-eye sunglasses, walks up to the stage and asks if we had a washboard and if so, could he sit in. I almost responded to him, "No, not on me, man" anticipating him to respond "Well, it would be a lot cooler if you did." However, he was very humble and watched us play a few songs.



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