DJ Profile: John Dujka

In addition to being a professional musician, John Dujka is also a polka DJ at KULP in El Campo. John has been broadcasting polka music over the radio since 2003. I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Dujka a few questions.

TPN: How does being a polka musician help your job as DJ?

JD: Well, I feel a I bring a unique perspective to my radio show as a performer and DJ. For variety, I try to present music from other parts of the U.S. while promoting the best music that Texas bands have to offer.

TPN: How did you get started in polka deejaying?

JD: My brother, Mark, and I had been to KULP a few times to play live on BJ Sablatura’s radio show, and it was a thought in the back of my mind that one day I might do a radio show. Lee Roy Matocha passed away in July 2003, and that left a number of radio stations without a weekly show, since he had been producing about 12 radio shows a week. KULP’s time slot was Saturday mornings at 10. It seemed like a good fit since I grew up in their listening area. So I approached Jerry Aulds, station manager, and we got our ducks in a row and started in August.

TPN: What bands and songs do you get the most requests for?

JD: Well, my show is not “driven” by requests since I prerecord it. But of those requests, Red Ravens, Dujkas, and Vrazels are probably the greatest number.

TPN: What do you like about being a polka DJ?

JD: I love the music! I love all that it means to folks who listen to the show. It’s the connection to our past, to our heritage, and also a connection to the future in that we promote the current bands and stand ready to promote up-and-coming groups. Polka is family. It’s friends. It’s all that’s good about life. Like Big Joe would say, “Happy music for happy people!”

John Dujka's Polka Show, Saturday Morning Dance Time, can be heard on 1390 AM or on 106.7 FM in the El Campo area on Saturdays from 10 am-12 pm. You can also listen online at

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