DJ Profile: Egon Barthels

Egon Barthels has become a regular fixture in talk and country music radio in the Gonzales area. I had the chance to learn more about Egon's journey to becoming a disc jockey.

TPN: How did you get started in radio?

EB: As a child I thought I would be involved in agriculture in some way, but when I discovered the magic of radio, and befriended legendary radio announcers who I looked up to, I didn’t really want to do anything else. Fast forward some 20+ years and I’ve done everything from Ag market news, hosting Texas singer songwriters, interviewing country legends, and filling in on polka shows.

TPN: What is your favorite part about being a radio DJ?

EB: I would have to say connecting with neighbors who listen to me on the air and my reports online; that’s one of the many reasons I enjoy being on air.

TPN: What are your thoughts about your radio show being online, since that makes your show worldwide?

Being able to serve South and South Central Texas, and to reach friends and listeners beyond defined lines on a map, with an opportunity to help spread the word about happenings and events in the area is a good thing! I love the fact that we can reach those who are away for work or play. I also enjoy broadcasting to our servicemen and women. I love that we give them a taste of home. I’d say that’s a good thing.

TPN: What are your thoughts on being able to do something you love as a career?

EB: I like where I am now because, in most larger markets, they want you to read cards, and tell you what to say. I’m fortunate to be able to be creative in my own way and connect with the audience on a personal level and talk about issues that are relevant and reflect the local community.Egon can be heard on KCTI-AM in Gonzales on Fridays at noon. You can also listen online at the SoCenTex Radio Facebook page and on

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