Dennis Svatek: Trumpeteer and Family Man

Since the 1990s, Dennis Svatek has been the trumpet player for Czech Melody Masters (formerly known as Dancehall Boys). Dennis resides in Taylor with his family but is a country boy at heart. His journey began in a small town 30 miles east of Weimar. The population of Sealy is only around 6,000 people. However, for Dennis, it's where he found his love for music.

"I loved it" Dennis exclaimed. "The only bad part about growing up there was not being able to get to the city much to see my friends. However, that fueled my love for music" Dennis recalled. "I had a lot of free time to practice the trumpet and listen to records, especially Johnny Cash."

Dennis remembered his first time on stage and it wasn't exactly planned. "The Bobby Jones Czech Band was playing at my dad's 80th birthday party and my dad pretty much dragged me to the stage and told the band I played trumpet and asked if I could join them for a few songs," Dennis remarked. "I guess I did okay because they asked me to sit in with them at their next gig in Sealy."

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