Dancers Recall Experience of a Lifetime

The dancers in the polka party scene of the movie The Mule described the day as awesome, experience of a lifetime, lots of fun, a blast, exciting, an honor, amazing, will never forget it. Thanks to Valina, thoughts on the day and polka in general were captured in a journal called the Stardust Files. Junior Skolaut of San Antonio came up with the name Stardust to describe the dancing extras in the scene. Here are a few excerpts from the journal.

It was a great honor for us to be a part of the filming. Something we have never experienced before and probably won’t ever be able to top. Clint Eastwood and crew were all wonderful people and very respectful. Mr. Eastwood had a “sparkle” in his eyes when he saw Mollie. A special thank you to Mollie for recommending all of us. It was a great reunion of polka family. Helen Skolaut, San Antonio

We have the GPV – Gotta Polka Virus. There is no cure except more polka dancing helps. Betty Nemec, Belton

We are so very thankful for this opportunity to be in this movie doing what we love to do with people that we truly love. Memories for a lifetime. Pat Vrazel, Danbury

We have been dancing polka since “the cradle.” It’s good exercise and beautiful music. Doc & Agnes Darilek, Gonzales

We love polka because we’ve made so many amazing friends and they gave us our life partners. Squeezebox played for our daughter’s wedding. Our grandchildren love to dance, sing, and play polkas. Brian and Cherie Hafeman, Wisconsin

My mom and dad went to polka parties while dating in Minnesota. Mom passed away a couple of years ago, so I’m now dad’s polka partner. For this filming, I’m wearing mom’s dance shoes, so she’s still with us! We are having a great time on this film set, but dad was more excited to see Mollie and Ted than Clint (but don’t tell Clint!) Robyn, North Carolina

My husband, Albert, was my dance instructor 47 years ago and we haven’t stopped dancing since. We love polka music! We taught our three children to dance the polka. Sue Hembel, Wisconsin

We follow a lot of polka fests and went to all of Mollie’s tapings. You meet such wonderful people at the fests – they are all family. Keep it going! Mary Fevold, Humboldt, Iowa

I’ve been dancing for nearly a hundred years. What could be more fun?!? David Armbruster, New York

Rex (Collins) and I were introduced by someone very special to both of us: MOLLIE B :) introduced us at a Pre cruise Friday night dance party. We’ve been special friends and dance partners ever since. Thanks Mollie. We were honored to first be ask and then accepted to appear in the Mule Movie. It was a day we will remember and cherish forever. My stars!!! What an experience!! Our heartfelt thanks goes out Mollie, Ted, Dana, Joe. You all did a fantastic job!! Meeting Clint Eastwood is something people dream about. Thanks to all of you we did much more than just meet him. Mary Freehling, Pennsylvania

We both love to dance and share our love of the music with others. Ashley & Randy Thull, Wisconsin

We love to dance. It brings everyone together. Hugh & Barbara Peiser, Fort Worth

We've been dancing since we were kids. We love to polka together and with our grandschildren. Bruce & Peggy King, Wisconsin

I love polka music and dancing, for it is just such fun and happy music that attracts fun, good and happy people. I love all the different ethnic styles of polka music; like Czech, German, Polish, Slovenian, Tejano and Cajun. I love being able to match my style of dance and dance patterns to the music; like hopping the Polish music and going nice and smooth to the Czech songs. Louis Stewart, Jr., Moulton

The day of the filming was magical for us. I got my ponytail tamed by the hair guy. The food was awesome, and we enjoyed meeting the other extras. Dancing on set was great, too. I’m not sure there’s such a thing as too much polka! Ross was excited because we got to shake hands and thank Clint at the end of the day. Watching Clint, an Oscar-winning legend, sit in awe of Squeezebox, Ted and Mollie was a treat. I don’t know how many other people get to see a screen legend when he’s truly starstruck by a friend’s music. It was an amazing day Ross and I will never forget. Valina Polka, Sugar Land

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