DJ Profile: Todd Zaganiacz

Since 2008, Todd Zaganiacz has been hosting the Polka Nite Cap Show on Polka Jammer Network. Todd broadcasts his show from Northampton, Mass., and I had the opportunity to get to know the polka neighbor from the north.

TPN: How did your polka DJ career begin?

TZ: My father, Ed Zaganiacz, was a polka musician and played with the Eddie Forman Orchestra for 20 years in Massachusetts; so I was exposed to the music at an early age. I began working alongside Billy Belina at the WMUA station and hosted a show called The Polka Carousel Show. In 2008, I made the jump to internet radio and have been there ever since.

TPN: What do you love about being a polka DJ?

TZ: The interaction with listeners who tune in literally from around the world on a regular basis. You also never know just who is out there listening from time to time.

TPN: Do you have any fond memories from polka deejaying?

TZ: There are many, but some of the best are from having celebrity musicians on the program. There are some great memories and wonderful stories they've told about their years and experiences in the business and myself and the listeners enjoyed hearing about it.

TPN: Since your polka show is worldwide , do you ever receive feedback from fans in other countries?

TZ: Yes, the internet is a wonderful place for listeners to hear shows across the country. When people are out of the area, they can tune in online to their favorite local show. And for the internet-only shows, listeners now have access to polkas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which is something they could never get on AM or FM radio. I've received emails from listeners in Poland, Japan, the UK, and the Netherlands.

TPN: What's the goal of your show?

TZ: To continue the music for future generations and keep the music alive. If everyone continues to support each other there are venues for the bands to play and bands will continue to record new material for the DJs to play.

Polka Nite Cap with Todd Z airs Friday nights from 7-10 pm on