Young Generation Time


If you love bands that have a golden brass sound with a beautiful orchestra beat, then the Holub Polka Band's CD, Younger Generation will provide you with plenty of listening pleasure.

The first track on this CD, Top Of The World Polka, showcases that golden brass sound so wonderfully; I was reminded of the Jodie Mikula Orchestra. The vocals that were magnificently sung by guest singer Jessica Dvorak, gave this song some added beauty as well.

One of my favorite songs on this recording has to be Roaring Mountains Polka. The speedy trumpet runs played by Clayton Holub and Derek Bahner, and John Holub Jr's Czech singing all went together perfectly like summertime and a church picnic.

The guys even included a few country songs on this CD. One of them was Looking For Love. When I heard this song, my mind began envisioning cowboys and cowgirls dancing and falling in love at their local hangout spot.

I really liked the band's version of Youth and Pleasure Polka. Gene Hackemack's gorgeous accordion playing combined with James Marek's superb tuba skills make this song very enjoyable. I also loved how John started out on this song by only hitting his snare and hi-hat. Then, halfway through the song, he switched to hitting his ride cymbal. By doing this, he gave the tune a charming polka pep.

I never knew that the song Beautiful Dream Waltz had Czech lyrics until I heard John wonderfully crooning them out. Most bands do this song as an instrumental. Nevertheless, I enjoyed hearing it and learned something new.

Not only does this CD celebrate the band's 5-year anniversary in the polka music world, John decided to dedicate this recording to the younger generation by giving recognition to three of the youngest musicians in the band (James Marek, Clayton Holub and Derek Bahner.) It is truly an amazing thing to see young people who have a passion and love for playing polka music.

This CD will definitely provide you with lots of entertainment and you will not regret taking the time to give it a listen. This recording is available for purchase in the Polka On! store at

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