THE TELSTARS New World of Polka: Blast from the Past

Do you enjoy the sound of classic Tex-Czech music? Do you love listening to Texas-style polka with a signature sound? Then this 1970s album by The Telstars is for you. Originally released as a vinyl LP record, The New World of Polka has been reissued on a CD thanks to Wes Matus, and sounds crystal clear. This album is full of wonderful songs and was even recorded at the famous Ray Doggett Studio in Houston, Texas.

My favorite thing about this CD is the dual sounds of an alto sax and a tenor sax on every polka and waltz tune. The alto and tenor saxophones go together better than fried chicken and coleslaw as they are played in perfect harmony on each song. The smooth flowing sound of the two saxophones also shows off the Telstars signature "Tex-Czech" vibe.

A polka tune I really enjoyed on this CD was In Heaven There Is No Beer. The song starts off with only those two saxophones being played. Then, when the rest of the band joins in, the track becomes a musical paradise. I also enjoyed Ronnie Machac's guitar riffs as they zinged throughout the song like an electric shock. I also loved the hooping and hollering done by the musicians throughout this song; it made me feel like I was at a polka dance.

My favorite waltz tune on this recording has to be Happy Joe. The guys played this song like an upbeat Jazz waltz which I thought was dazzling. I was even more dazzled when I heard Bobby Wick's marching band style drum beats. I was also blown away when Leo Kopecky and Royce Shimek played their saxophones in a choppy style in the middle of the song without missing a note. Each note was played precisely and smoothly like clockwork.

The guys even included a few country songs on this album. My favorite is When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again. The two-part harmonic vocals sung on this tune reminded me of the ones on Webb Pierce's, I Ain't Never. Any band that reminds me of one of my favorite country singers is a-okay with me.

I found it interesting how the band included the gospel song, Put Your Hand in The Hand on this CD. It is such a breath-taking sight to see a Texas polka band proudly displaying their Christian faith; it just brings my heart joy.

Another great polka song on this album is Peanuts Polka. The guys played this song with so much polka pep, I couldn't help but tap my feet and play along on my snare drum and hi-hat.

Even though the band does not consist of the original lineup, the Telstars are still performing on stages in Texas. They will be playing at Lodge 88 in Houston on Sat., Sept. 22.

This recording will bring entertainment to any polka lover. To purchase this piece of musical gold, visit the Polka On! store at


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