By Request; By Far The Best

Do you like to dance and groove to a one-of-a-kind polka beat? Then Squeezebox's latest CD, By Request, sounds exactly like what you are looking for. This recording is full of those "make you want to dance" polkas. That's probably what earned it the Favorite International Style Album last year by the International Polka Association.

The first song on this CD, Mozart's Polka, made me want to jump out of my chair, go find a polka dance hall and dance the night away. Mozart's Polka is full of that "get up and go" energy that every polka song needs.

I also enjoyed how the song started out with only a keyboard accordion being played by Ted Lange and then a few seconds later, Mollie B joined in with her talents by playing saxophone. Mollie plays so many instruments, she could start her own one-woman band. Saxophone, trumpet, accordion, and piano to name a few.

Another wonderful song on this recording is the Tex-Czech staple, All by Myself Polka. Squeezebox plays it with plenty of power and drive, like a John Deere tractor. I really gained enjoyment from the key change at the end of the tune. Mollie comes in strong with her trumpet playing like a full Tijuana brass orchestra.

Squeezebox even recorded some classic country songs on this CD as well. One of my favorites is, Crazy. Mollie sings this song with her angelic choral voice as Ted softly backs her up on his accordion. I love how the band mixed classic country and accordion. To me, that's a beautiful combination.

Another great country song on this recording is My Heart Skips A Beat. Ted plays his accordion to give the song a Cajun flare. On top of that, Mollie and Ted's harmonizing vocals mix together smoother than gravy and mashed potatoes.

Squeezebox even showcased their sense of humor on the novelty songs, Beer Mug Polka and Polish Boyfriend Polka. Any band who likes to make people laugh gets two thumbs up from me. The world needs more laughter and thankfully Squeezebox felt that way, too, when they recorded these novelty tunes.

Squeezebox finished off this recording with the lively, Barbara Polka, which was also recorded by greats such as Adolph Hofner, Myron Floren, and the Vrazels Polka Band. Squeezebox does a great rendition of this song and plays it with such high-spirited polka gusto.

If you love dancing and listening to unique styles of polka music, then this CD is just what you need to get your toes tapping. To order this recording visit squeezeboxband.com/shop.

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