Spirit-lifting Gospel


Do you enjoy Southern-style gospel music such as Bill Gaither and The Blackwood Brothers? If so, then you'll love D'vine Testament's new CD He Paid It All. This CD contains old hymns and newer gospel songs. On the very first track Good, Good Father, the guys display their singing talents beautifully as their vocal harmonies blend together like milk and ice cream.

I really enjoyed the band's version of Will the Circle Be Unbroken. Th is hymn was made popular by The Carter Family and I liked how the guys used only a guitar and their voices. By doing this, the song kept its old-time gospel fl are.

Another favorite is I Am Not Alone. This song is all about keeping your faith in the Lord no matter how bad things get. Plus, Byron Wren's vocals made this song very enjoyable.

Another great song is Don't That Sound Like Heaven. This is an uplifting tune to give your spirit a Christian boost. There is a set of lyrics that are sung repeatedly throughout this song. "Darkness there is overtaken, by the light that's always on." If that doesn't lift a person's spirit, I don't know what will.

I love they way the guys performed the song, Th rive. When I heard this song, I was reminded of those old folk music trios like Peter, Paul and Mary. Any band that can sing gospel with a folk music vibe, gets two thumbs up from me.

The guys picked the perfect song to close out this recording, God is Good All The Time. This song is an anthem for Christians simply explaining why God is good all the time. The band dedicated this CD to their wives for supporting them through the years. If you love Southern-style gospel music or if you just love music about the good lord, this CD is for you. It is available for purchase in the Polka On! Store.

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