A Special Kind of Talent


Do you like Cajun- and Zydeco-style Polka? Do you want to hear some music that will put your soul in a rhythmic mood? Then give the Alex Meixner Band's latest CD Make Some Noise a listen. This CD is filled with plenty of unique content, beginning with the rockin' instrumental, Hey Diand'l. This song is so full of energy that it practically comes alive through the speakers when you hear it.

I really gained enjoyment from hearing Alex's rapid accordion playing on the majority of the songs; it takes a special kind of talent to be able to squeeze the bellows that fast and Alex has got it.

I loved how the song There's Only One S in New Braunfels starts off like a soft ballad then speeds up and turns into a hot polka song. Alex recalls making the song. "This tune was written by Bill Whitbeck, bass player for Robert Earl Keen and father of David Beck, who has performed on a few of our tours."

Alex said the recording was recently featured on Michael Berry's radio show on a segment about commonly mispronounced words. "Ironically, he mispronounced Meixner," Alex said.

Another Texas connection on the CD is Tante Anna, a popular German limerick song that tells the story about Aunt Anna, a humorous old maid. "The refrain of the song was used as the fight song for the old Houston Oilers back in the 70s," Alex said.

I also found it fascinating how only an accordion and tuba were used on the song Drei Zeifacher. This shows the band is able to showcase its talents no matter how many instruments are used.

The band finished out this CD with the Hormel Pepperoni Polka. This is very fitting since Alex appears in a television commercial for this product. The song has been featured online and in TV commercials for the past 3 years.

Whether you are looking for some music to tap your toes to or just wanting to hear something to broaden your horizons, Alex Meixner's newest CD is the thing for you.

Visit alexmeixner.com to purchase your own copy, or catch Alex at a Texas appearance in March.

Sat., 2, Sefcik Hall Sun., 3, Taiton Community Center Tues., 5, Brauntex Theater, New Braunfels Wed., 6, Los Fresnos School 29-31, Tomball German Heritage Festival

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