Something for Everyone


With talented musicians and a wide variety of songs , it's easy to see why Texas Legacy Czech Band's latest CD has something for everyone to enjoy. The first song on this recording (Lovers Polka) displays TLCB's musical gifts proudly. With the bright polka melody and the golden sound of the trumpets, this song became an instant favorite of mine. I even learned something new by listening to this album. Bob Suttie (the band's leader) wrote one of the most popular songs in Tex Czech Polka. That song is none other than Polka Time In Texas. The country shuffle drum beats played in a fast polka style also gave this tune a nice energy boost that has made it a dance hall staple.

Bob gives spoken word narrations on select songs. One of those is Fire Brigade Polka. TLCB dedicates this song to the Zetka Polka Band which is fitting since Joe Zetka is their accordion player. When I heard this tune, I felt as if I had fire in my bones. The jaunty beat and Bob's son, Robbie, playing the cowbell makes this song more enjoyable than it already was.

The band switches gears on Chappell Hill Special (made popular by Brian Marshall). The fiddle playing and Polish lyrics create a Polish paradise; just add that famous sausage and pierogi.

TLCB goes back to their polka roots on Youth and Pleasure as they dedicate it to the Joe Patek Orchestra. The pumping tuba and other horns really recreate that old Patek sound.

Bob's wife, Margie, joins him in a duet on My Anicka. The two-part harmony between the two of them went together better than cold milk and hot apple pie.

This CD is sure to bring you much listening enjoyment (especially on a long car ride since there are 22 tracks.) TLCB is surely a band that provides authentic Czech-style entertainment. The CD is available to purchase in the Polka On! Store on