A Polka Triumph


With beautiful green trees and a country windmill on the cover, I already knew I was going to enjoy Texas Sound Check's most recent CD, It's Our Time. This recording contains a combination of 24 magnificent polka, waltz, and country songs.

You Are Like A Rose is probably one of my favorite polka tunes on this album. There are so many things to enjoy about this song, I don't know where to begin. The twin saxophones, the accordion "runs" played in between the musical pauses, or the wonderful Czech vocals. All I know is that all of those things go together better than catfish and cornbread.

When We Parted is a very lovely waltz tune on this CD. This song is not included in the set list of a lot of the Texas polka bands. Nevertheless, TSC does a fantastic job on the tune, especially with the two-part harmony sang in perfect pitch. The jaunty melody is a nice added plus also.

A country song that I really like on this recording is At the End of A Long Lonely Day. I like the combination of steel guitar and saxophone used on this song. By doing this, TSC was able to mix 1950's sock-hop vibes and classic country music in a wonderful style. Plus, the saxophones and steel guitar blend together better than a hot day and iced tea.

Another marvelous waltz tune is Memories made famous by Wence Shimek. Dennis Shimek's steel guitar playing and the Czech singing make this song another one of my favorites.

The final song I'd like to mention is one that really defines what TSC and polka music is all about; going to dances and having a good time. That song, is none other than Polka Celebration. Made famous by the Vrazels Polka Band, TSC does an outstanding job of putting their own spin on the selection by playing it in a different key than the Vrazels.

Whether you adore Texas-style polka music or just looking for a CD to listen to while driving down the road, It's Our Time will not disappoint and bring you lots of listening enjoyment. To purchase your own copy visit the Polka On! store at polkabeat.com.

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