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There are a lot of Texas polka bands that have their own distinctive style and demonstrate their talents on their recordings. The Moravians are definitely one of those bands. Their newest CD, Nasich Deset Let (Our 10th Year) is loaded with plenty of enjoyable polka, waltz, and country songs.

The first song that grabbed my ear with enticement was Green Forest Polka also known as Green Garden Polka. The twin trumpets flowed together better than salmon and river water. Towards the end of this track, the trumpets and one saxophone do a breathtaking crescendo (a musical term which means to start soft and gradually get louder). I also never knew this song had Czech lyrics since most bands perform it as an instrumental. Nevertheless, Chris Trojacek and Adam Rejcek sing the Czech vocals more lovely than a mountainous view in Wyoming. I learned something new and gained enjoyment; talk about a win-win.

A waltz I really enjoyed on this CD was Gifted Ring. The guys do a marvelous job on the track. I liked how a keyboard accordion was played on this song; it was a nice talent switch from the button accordion used by the band. This song was made famous by the City Polka Boys.

A really enjoyable country song on this recording was Wedding Bells. Tyler, Chris, and Adam harmonize so beautifully on this song that I was reminded of a barbershop quartet crooning under a street lamp.

I gained much pleasure from hearing the band's version of Th e Prune Song. The guys really showcased their comical sides by jokingly mentioning one of the band members in the lyrics as they sang, "Matt left his wife at home." The boys even included the sound of beer bottles opening to give this song more comedy flare.

"Cradle Polka" has lots of energy blasts since the guys do two higher octave key changes towards the end. There are many more songs that will bring you lots of listening fun. This CD is definitely worth giving a listen. You can purchase your own copy in the Polka On! store. Here's to 10 more years!

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