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What a change in our world. I hope that everyone is staying as safe as possible and all is well. I know I have never in my lifetime seen anything like this and all the other issues going on around us. What is this world coming to?

I would like to thank all the bands for live streaming on social media and a “BIG THANK YOU” to Brian Marshall for certainly keeping us entertained. Thank you all for taking the time to do this and not letting us forget that music is so good for the soul. Thank you again for your time and generosity.

The Po.L.K. of A. has postponed our July meeting in Sealy at the American Legion Hall. We let y'all know when we reschedule. Out of consideration for all concerned we are taking steps to make sure our members are safe. We will announce when we have a date to reschedule.

Usually at this meeting we announce our scholarship winners. We still made the announcement, just not in person. Congratulations to Lauren Vrazel and Ben Kubicek. You can read more about these impressive graduates on page 11.

As the country, cities, and towns try to return to some sort of what is going to be considered “normal”, we must support our small local business, as they are struggling to stay alive. They need us more than ever.

Now more than ever we need to really thank our medical personnel, EMS, police, fire departments, and all those putting their lives on the line every single minute in the middle of this battle.

I pray that all of you stay as safe as possible and that they find a cure and/ or something to fight this with.

I want to take this time to wish all the mothers and fathers a belated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I hope that each of you had a wonderful day.

Happy 4th of July! Thank you to all that have served, continue to serve, and keep us FREE!

And as always, we look forward to seeing you down the road, on the dance floor or just having a great time as live music and festivals start taking place again.

The Po.L.K. of A. is quite a busy klub, and if you are wondering what we are all about, please come check us out. Everyone is welcome; and if you would like to become a member, you can contact Betty Tidwell/ Membership Secretary at bjtidwell@ sbcglobal.net and she will be more than happy to send you an application. Or if you see anyone in red and white just ask them about becoming a member.

See you on the dance floor...soon (I hope)!

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