Po.L.K. of A. Texas

Hello to one and all! WOW what a mess this virus has caused the whole world. Who would have thought that something like this could put a stop to virtually everything in the world? I pray that each of you is staying as safe as possible. It is so strange - no church, dancing in the dance halls listening to our wonderful musicians, no festivals, church picnics. Randy and I have been dancing in our 5th wheel and around the house!

Such a sad time for our world. But thank goodness for TV, radio, and internet we can stay connected with church and our music for whatever your listening pleasure may be. We attended a funeral last month, no visitation, no rosary, and no church service; just a small gathering at the cemetery in small groups of 10 or less, very strange. Please support your local small

Please support your local small business if you can; they will need us more than ever. We are monitoring this very closely as to our Po.L.K. of A. meeting in July. Now more than ever we need to really thank our medical, EMS, police, fire departments, and all those putting their lives on the line every single minute in the middle of this battle. I pray that all of you stay as safe as possible and that they find a cure and/or something to fight this.