One-Man Band


The expression, "One Man Band" is literally the case for Brandon Hodde's new self-titled album. Brandon plays almost every instrument known to man on this recording (sax, drums, accordion, vocals, guitar, and bass to name a few). Through the magic of overdubbing, Brandon is able to present the sound of a full band all by himself. This album is loaded with classic Czech polkas and waltzes.

Whether it's the high-paced, get-up-and-go energy or the way the bass guitar riffs accompany the song like a musical escort, Loveless Polka (the first song on the CD) is sure to boost your mood. Blue Eyed Dolly is probably the most beautiful waltz on this album. The perfectly in sync button accordion playing, the dazzling combination of Czech and English vocals, and the spot-on switch to sax at the end, what's not to love?

Eyes of Blue Polka is the perfect attention grabber for any polka music fan. The highlight of this song is definitely the key change at the end with the dual saxophones; which packs the positive musical vibe any music fan will enjoy. Old Poacher Waltz will become an instant favorite of yours once you hear the two-part harmony vocals in perfect pitch. Under the Pine Polka is a superb song that brought back memories. The tune opens with only a snare drum being played then Brandon comes in strong with his other instruments and turns the song into a musical "cloud nine." This song was also recorded by the Vrazels Polka Band in the 1970s on their famous "pink shirts" album, and I just love that record! It was nice that Brandon's version of the song was able to bring back that classic album memory.

This CD is sure to please all ages and music fans. The CD is available in the Polka On! Store at or contact Brandon at

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