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Back Porch Music is a very fitting title for one of the Red Raven's most popular CDs because this is the perfect album to listen to while relaxing in a rocking chair on your back porch. Just add in watching the sunset and iced tea and you're good to go. This CD contains a wide variety of songs that any music lover will enjoy.

Right off the bat, I knew this album was a gem when I heard the first track - The Shiner Song. There are so many energetic elements, I couldn't even count them all. There is the "whooping and hollering," the bright melodic twin saxophones, and the pumping tuba, which serves as a nice hidden "Joe Patek" surprise. Plus, that tuba takes you all the way back to Shiner.

The band uniquely demonstrated its love for polka and Roy Orbison by playing the intro from Pretty Woman at the beginning of Beer Barrel Polka. The guys then transition into the polka smoother than butter on soft bread.

Stone Heart was the waltz tune that grabbed my attention most. I really liked the three-part harmony vocals which reminded me of a street corner Doo Wop group. Plus, this song has been a staple for Texas polka bands for many years and it's good to see the Red Ravens give it more magic.

Stars On The Water was my favorite country song on this recording. The joyful tempo and the fact that all ages join in for the line dance when the guys play it at their dances, is one of the many reasons to love this song.

The guys closed out this recording with I'll Be All Smiles Tonight. This is a favorite enjoyed by all and everyone always loves to sing along since it's so catchy. It's easy to see why the guys included the song on this recording. Even though this CD has been out for a while, it brings you back to your favorite classic polka, waltz, and country songs. To order your own copy visit the Polka On! store at

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