Live Dance Re-Created

With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, having entertainment at home is definitely a must. The new live album from GEEZER will be sure to not only pass the time, but the CD will also bring you listening pleasure. With some of the venues still being closed, this recording superbly gives the illusion that you are at a dance hall performance (it was recorded live at Sweet Home Hall).

This recording is loaded with classic country favorites like The Cowboy Rides Away. The dual sound of alto saxophone and electric guitar gives this song a country jazz flare; turning the song into a musically unique ballad.

Empty Glass is another favorite from this album. Whether it's the echo of the vocals reverberating off of the dance hall walls or the "Mozart-like" piano playing, this song creates a recipe for music euphoria.

GEEZER took an interesting musical turn on the song Stand By Me. Orginally recorded as a inspirational pop song by Ben E. King in 1961, the band puts its own creative spin on the tune and almost makes it pass for a country twostep.

GEEZER changes musical gears as they transition into the 1960s rock ballad House of The Rising Sun. Some would wonder if it's the beautiful high-note vocals being sung that they love on this song or getting to take a trip back to nostalgia lane. Nevertheless, GEEZER does an excellent job of covering this psychedelic anthem.

This album is sure to please any fan of country and pop music. Listening to this recording will definitely help you pretend you are at your favorite dance hall enjoying music.

Check out the GEEZER ad on page 23 and give them a call to order the Live CD and book them for your next party.