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Do you enjoy music that has a raw/jam session sound to it? Do you like small bands that produce a big polka beat? Do you love authentic Tex-Czech music? Then Mark Halata & Texavia's newest CD sounds exactly like what your ears want to listen to.

This CD was recorded live at the famous Moravia Store and when I heard it, I felt like I was inside of the store actually listening to Texavia play live in person. Texavia's beautiful sound just rejuvenates off the walls of the historical building. The sounds of cheering from the polka dancers also adds the perfect touch to this CD.

This recording is full of favorite polkas and waltzes and even some original compositions by Mark Halata himself. I really enjoy how Mark plays many of his fast accordion runs on almost every song. If you add in Mr. Halata's singing voice, you get a double dose of his talent.

Moravia Polka (which is a very fitting tune for this CD) has lots of that polka dance tempo and is very upbeat. When I heard this song, I was kind of jealous that I was not there dancing along with the other dancers.

I love the two-part harmony of Mark and Greg Machac on I Had A Girlfriend Waltz. The vocals go perfectly together like farmers and tractors. On Garden Waltz, Mark and Greg sing each one of the Czech lyrics with emphasis and enunciation. After hearing this, I was able to tell that these guys are very proud of their Czech heritage.

My favorite original song on this recording is The Night The Dice Were Nice. This song has a great country two-step beat, and Mark adds a nice Cajun flare to it on his accordion. Another good polka on this CD is Painted Gate. I thought it was nice how Mike Gest switched from playing his bass to playing a tuba on the song. This gave the track a nice "Joe Patek" feel. The key change at the end and when Mark shouts "Jak Se Mas", makes this song even more lovable.

Texavia finished out this recording with All By Myself Polka. The guitar riffs played by Bruce Brosch give the tune a nice zing, and Mark even wishes everyone a safe trip home while still playing the song. If you want to feel like you are at a polka dance listening to a live band play, then this is the CD for you. It's now available in the Polka On! Store at

Editor's Note: You'll also love the CD liner notes written by Gary E. McKee!

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