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For 11 years, the Incredible Music Makers brought the sound of Texas-style polka to music lovers everywhere. Even though the band is now retired, the music left behind is quite the legacy. The band's last CD, Keeping The Tradition Alive, definitely does not disappoint. The title is very fitting because IMM do more than keep the tradition of polka alive by playing wonderfully on this recording.

This album begins with the famous If I Were A Bird Polka. With the lovely sound of the dual trumpets and accordion blending together like milk and ice cream (and the marching band-style drum beats), it's easy to see why this song is one of my favorites.

I noticed the band's versions of Orphan Waltz and Pitcher Polka had something in common. Both tracks feature a tuba which gives these songs a nice mixture of that Dutchmen Orchestra sound while still maintaining a Tex-Czech vibe.

I really gained delight from hearing the band do a key change on Painted Gate Polka. This, combined with the sound of drum sticks running across the Tom Tom drums, made the song very enjoyable. I thought it was absolutely marvelous how the keyboard accordion was the lead instrument on Singing Mockingbird Waltz.

The band then switches gears by finishing out this recording with a song made famous by the country music duo, Johnnie and Jack. That song is none other than, Ashes of Love. IMM perform a superb version of this "twirl your partner" tearjerker. I loved how all of the vocalists sing the lyrics in unison (a musical term which means every vocalist sings in the same key instead of harmonizing).

This recording not only showcases the IMM's talents, but is used as a personal "Thanks" to their fans and supporters. If you are looking for a CD that will bring you lots of listening pleasure or if you just want to liven up your gathering with music, this album is exactly what you need. You can purchase your very own copy in the Polka On! store at

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