DJ Profile: Mollie B and Ted Lange

Husband-and-wife team Mollie B and Ted Lange are known to most people as the dynamic polka duo performing in the band SqueezeBox. But recently, the two have started hosting a polka radio show on the Rural Radio station on SiriusXM.

TPN: How did you and Ted start hosting this polka show?

MB: Many people may not know we initially were creating shows for the Mollie B Polka Party Radio Show in 2013. The opportunity came along simply by Rural Media Group asking us to do a show on Rural Radio. Now here we are a few years later, and we were recently given control of the radio show again. We are happy to be working on it again and we believe it is better than ever. It is something we both can contribute positively towards. There is no doubt it is time-consuming and something we must stay up on every week, but it’s worth it.

TPN: How does it feel to be able to broadcast polka music on a wider spectrum?

MB: It's amazing! We broadcast in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. We are excited to bring the music we spin to all of those areas.

TPN: How do you feel about getting to co-host the show with Ted?

MB: Love it! We have so much fun together and we are so passionate about the music. We have read a lot, experienced a lot, and know a fair amount of information about polka. Of course there is more to learn for the both of us.

TPN: What is your favorite part about being a polka DJ?

MB: I would have to say exposing people to different kinds of polka music from all walks of life.

The Mollie B Polka Party Radio Show airs Sundays from 11 am-1 pm on the Rural Radio channel on SiriusXM.

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