DJ Profile: Larry Sodek

Larry Sodek has been keeping the polka tradition alive by hosting his polka show on KVLG in La Grange for many years. Larry had plenty of positive things to say about his radio show.

TPN: How did you get started in radio?

LS: The opportunity became available to me when Lee Roy Matocha passed. He had a few radio stations in Texas. The radio station in La Grange contacted me and asked if I would be interested in continuing Lee Roy's show. I accepted the position and have been there ever since.

TPN: What is your favorite part about being a radio DJ?

LS: Making my listening audience happy. There are still lots of people that love polka and waltz music. Polka music always seems to bring out the happiness in people.

TPN: Do you have any fond memories from playing with Ellinger Combo and Central Texas Sounds ?

LS: The guys were a great bunch to play and travel with. I cannot pick just one memory because there are so many. But I enjoyed meeting the same great people and making friends as we continued to play our music at a lot of great halls, picnics, private dances, and parties. Wherever we played, we always had a good time.

TPN: What do you like to do in your free time?

LS: I do some barbecuing and I still do play music. What I really enjoy most is getting to spend time with my family and grandchildren.

Larry Sodek's Polka Show can be heard on KVLG 1570 AM Mon.-Sat. from 1-2 pm and on Sun. from 1-3 pm. You can also listen online at