DJ Profile: Frank Milder

Frank Milder hosts The Polka Parade Show on KULP 106.7 in El Campo every Saturday morning. I had the chance to get to know more about Mr. Milder.

TPN: How did you get started in polka deejaying?

FM: Longtime polka DJ at KULP, Al Kozel, was retiring in 1999 and was asked by management to find his replacement. Al was looking for someone familiar with polka music and had approached a couple people who weren't interested in the job. He knew that I was playing accordion for the singing group, The Gulf Coast Czech Singers, and gave me a call. I thought it would be great to broadcast polka music over the radio and I accepted the position and have been here ever since.

TPN: What is your favorite part about being a polka DJ?

FM: My favorite part is when I get to play music that my listeners and I like. I feel satisfaction when I can find a particular tune that a listener requests. Some are on the computer, but others may require searching my collection of CDs, which I also enjoy doing.

TPN: Do you have a fond memory from polka deejaying?

FM: I would have to say when I was being interviewed for the job by former KULP station manager, Jerry Aulds. I really wanted to host the polka show and I knew it was up to him if I got the position. When I was hired, I was very happy and I'll never forget that moment.

TPN: What is one thing you hope your polka show does in the future?

FM: One thing I'm hoping is that my show will educate the youngsters on the Czech culture and heritage.

TPN: How do you feel about people being able to listen to your show online?

FM: It's great! With technology rising faster and faster, most people don't listen to actual radios anymore. But thanks to the internet, my show is able to reach those who prefer listening online. I'm also able to receive emails from fans at the end of the show thanking me for having an enjoyable program that morning.

The Polka Parade Show airs Saturday from 6-10 am on KULP 106.7 in El Campo and online at

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