DJ Profile: Craig Montana

TPN: How did you become a DJ?

CM: My start in radio is pretty simple, actually. I called up to the local station and asked if they were hiring. They told me not right now, but call back at a later date. I did that for about 6 months, calling every week or two. Ken Murray, who is still my boss, said he would find something to do if I would just stop calling. I was an unpaid intern for about a month before I was hired on officially to do part-time work, running the board for ball games and remotes.

TPN: What's your favorite part about being a DJ?

CM: My favorite part is just the first fact that even though we have these routines and schedules we have to follow, there is always something new each day. Day to day the same format to follow, but it’s never the same. You can’t get bored when there is always something new. I love coming to work each day and knowing that there is a new adventure waiting.

TPN: Do you have a fond memory from your DJ days?

CM: One of my fondest memories is actually one of my first. My first day to help as an unpaid intern we were broadcasting from a concert in College Station. The actual DJ that night offered to let me do an interview with the singer. It was my first time on the radio and I interviewed Jason Allen, his first radio interview also. We became friends after that and still talk about that every time we see each other. Another was when I got to meet one of my Honky Tonk heroes. Johnny Bush was playing a country fair in the area and after the show I went to get an autograph and say a few words. He invited me on his tour bus and for the next few hours we drank beer and talked about music and life. It is a night I will never forget.

TPN: What do you like to do in your free time?

CM: I run the station so I'm on call 24/7, but what little free time I have is spent with my family. I have very active kids who are involved in 4H, gymnastics, and various other projects that take us across the state for lots of meets, shows, and events. However, if I find myself with a little time just for me, I love to watch horror movies with a cold beer or two.

Craig Montana's Polka Show airs on KWHI 101.7 FM in the Brenham area on Saturdays from 9-10 am. You can also listen online at