A Country Delight


Over the past year, Mason Ramsey has risen to stardom faster than a speeding bullet. Although he is primarily known as a Hank Williams tribute artist, Mason has now begun singing his own style of country music on his new EP (an album with a short amount of songs) titled Twang. The title is very fitting since Mason's Southern drawl is clearly heard on all of the tracks.

Not only is Twang the title of this EP, it's also the first song in the track listings. With the mixture of Mason's high pitched yodeling and the bright melody, Twang is sure to become an instant favorite for fans of the 12-year-old prodigy. More than anything, Twang is a love declaration for girls who like singing cowboys and their lifestyle. The best part of the song has to be when Mason goes into his falsetto as his voice gradually slides up when he sings the lyric "radio."

Puddle of Love is a song that has such a speedy country tune that it almost passes for polka. I had the pleasure of hearing Mason debut this song at his Waco concert I attended. The song showcases Mason's songwriting skills and his repeated singing of the word "stuck" adds wonderful musical energy shots to the track.

On My Way is a composition about enjoying the simple things in life and not moving too fast. The highlight of this song has to be when Mason displays his true vocal gift when he gets to the fermata (a musical term meaning to hold a note without losing pitch) in the middle.

How Could I Not breaks away from the traditional combination of "bubble gum" and "lovey dovey" styles heard on Twang and Puddle of Love. This track contains a mixture of slow dance country with a more serious tempo.

Mason's new EP is sure to please any country music fan and will warm your heart. This short album is available to listen to for free on Spotify and YouTube.

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