Comeback in Vegas


This year, marks the 50th anniversary of Elvis Presley's triumphant return to concert performing. For most of the 1960s, Elvis kept busy making movies and didn't have time for concerts. In 1969, one year after the success of his television comeback special, Elvis went back to doing live concerts and chose Las Vegas as his first stop on the map.

This album - In Person At The International Hotel - captures the magic of Elvis' first Vegas comeback show. At one point while talking to the audience, Elvis jokingly tells them, "This is my first live apperance in nine years. I've never appeared dead before, but it's my first live one."

The very first song on this album, proves that Elvis never lost his mojo. Elvis belts out a more jazzed up version of his 1956 hit, Blue Suede Shoes (this time with a full-brass orchestra backing him).

A case of nerves is not something that is audible from Elvis on this recording; especially on his novelty hit, Hound Dog. Before he starts singing, he playfully tells the audience that he is going to sing a "special message" song. The King then delivers stellar vocals like a roaring lion. Elvis even gives us a glimpse of his early days by talking about his years at Sun Records before launching into Mystery Train. The train whistle sound effect gave the song an authentic down-to-earth feel.

Elvis made sure not to forget his country roots by singing a sped up version of Don Gibson's I Can't Stop Loving You. For the most part, Elvis does a lot of modernized versions of his '50s hits. However, later in this album, Elvis touches everyone's hearts and showcases his powerful vocalist side by delivering riveting performances of his new songs, In The Ghetto and Suspicious Minds.

Elvis finishes this concert with a song that he would close out all of his future concerts with, Can't Help Falling In Love (which was a huge hit for him in 1961). Elvis pours his heart into this song as he sings each note with vocal beauty. This album is available free for listening on Spotify and YouTube.

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