A Celebration All Around


Whether it's the fact that all the tracks were recorded live at the famous Sokol Hall in Ennis or the fact that this album celebrates the 53rd anniversary of the Jerry Haisler & Melody 5, anyone will have no problem finding enjoyment from the band's new CD, All Time Favorites. The title is very fitting since this recording is filled with well-known polka and waltz tunes. Kajdu Polka really intrigued my listening. The upbeat rhythm and pumping tuba make this song an instant favorite. However, when Jerry launches into his saxophone solos in the middle, this tune becomes a polka serenade.

Texas Plains Polka Medley has so many enjoyable elements, I don't even know where to begin. The combination of electric guitar and keyboard accordion make a recipe for Tex-Czech pride. This song does a mash up of three polka songs in one. This is a really interesting musical concept.

A great waltz tune is Once On A Sunday. The song opens with only the accordion and drums and the band hooping and hollering. Then the rapid drum beats run across the tom-tom as the saxophone joins in and becomes the final touch to this musical euphoria. Plus, the Czech vocals give this song extra added beauty.

The key change on Clock on the Steeple Polka surely is what makes this song full of polka dance energy, or is it when Jerry yells, "Aw, hang on!" right before going into the key change. Either way, when I heard this song, I could picture the lively action of a dance hall which is a big plus for any polka fan.

The band switched gears and showcased their love for country music by including the country song by Faron Young, Four in The Morning. The light taps on the ride cymbal and somber melodic vocals by Joe Morris allow this song to spread its wings.

If I Were A Bird is the perfect song to finish out this recording. This song is a big favorite with polka music fans and The Melody 5 does it plenty of justice. You will be able to clearly hear all of the band members having a fun time while performing this tune.

A fun time is definitely something you will have if you give this CD a listen. To order your own copy, visit the Polka On! store at polkabeat.com or see the ad this page for odering information.

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