Bohemian Princess Diary

Happy 30th anniversary Texas Polka News! Thank you Julius Tupa for starting the paper, thank you Marie Tupa and John Rivard for keeping it going, and thanks Marie for selling the paper to me. It has been four years since I began publishing the paper. Thank you Gary E. McKee for agreeing to jump into this journey with me. I still feel like I haven't caught my breath yet from the September 2014 issue. Thank you John Parker for supporting my polka passion. I think Marie knows about what it takes for a spouse to support the publishing of this paper as she stood with Julius all those years.

This issue features a recap article and photos from the 30th Birthday Bash held on June 30 in Schulenburg (including some in this space. It is still a much-talked-about event. I am also pleased to include an article by John Rivard who pays tribute to Julius and gives a glimpse into what it was like for him to work on the paper.

This issue also includes another well-researched article by Gary about polka festivals from the past. Also featured are the Top 30 polkas, waltzes, and polka bands as named in a survey by our readers.

Thank you readers and advertisers for your loyalty to the Texas Polka News. Without your support, there would be no paper!

Till next month, Polka On!