Bohemian Princess Diary

WOW! What a turnout! The Texas Polka News 30th Birthday Bash on June 30 in the KC Hall in Schulenburg was a huge success thanks to all of you! At one point in the afternoon, we estimated 700 polka lovers. It was great to see a packed hall and be part of the positive, high-energy atmosphere.

Andy Behlan of the Fayette County Record called it a "Honyack Hulabaloo," using a term of endearment for hardheaded Czechs. It's obviously what inspired Gary's column this month taking a look at polka fests in celebration of the 59th anniversary of Woodstock.

I look forward to sharing more about this special day in the September issue in our 30th anniversary commemorative edition.

But this month we set our sights on fall festivals. Included in this issue is our popular 4th Annual Oktoberfest Guide. It will help you plan your fall travel schedule, and maybe even convince you to include a festival you haven't checked out before, like the Texas Mushroom Festival in Madisonville on Oct. 13. Who knew Madisonville was the Mushroom Capital of Texas?!?!?

Find out how attending these festivals for a good time also helps the communities they serve by reading the cover story of our OFest Guide. Sure, Westfest is one of the most popular polka festivals in the state, but did you know your support of the festival helps give back to the West community?

Find out how local organizations have benefitted from the love of polka. This year, Westfest will reach the $1 million mark in giveback donations to the community. Get ready to dance the Million $ Polka at this year's fest on Labor Day Weekend.

Texas Polka News, and I, personally, lost a great friend - Rose Wilshire. Every time I saw her, she commented on how much she loved the paper. "I just have to read it from cover to cover the minute it comes in the mail," she would say with her big smile.

You just couldn't be sad around Rose, even when she was struggling with cancer, she was upbeat and so appreciative of each day. I think Gary beautifully captured her spirit in the photos and article on page 9. I look forward to seeing you at the Rose Tribute dance on Aug. 12 to celebrate the life of a truly great lady.

Till next month, Polka On!

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