Bohemian Princess Diary

Congratulations are in order for many people in this issue. The Martinez Social Club is celebrating the 106th anniversary of the Martinez Hall. The first dance was held at this venue near San Antonio on April 12, 1912. Many polka bands have played Martinez, and one or two occasionally still do. The focus has shifted to country music in the last few years, and on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons, good crowds still shuffle around the 106-year-old oak dance floor. Hats off to the social club officers for keeping a Texas treasure going!

The fundraiser for the Brazosport Cares Food Pantry on July 13 is SOLD OUT! That's awesome. If any band can sell out a hall it's SqueezeBox with Mollie B, and add a good cause like raising money for the food pantry, voila! You have a sell-out in a matter of days. And congratulations to Mollie B. I am late in formally recognizing her induction into the International Polka Association Hall of Fame. She was also named Female Vocalist of the Year. She is a tireless polka promoter, who also happens to be a really nice person. Way to go Mollie! Well deserved.

The annual Westfest coming up Labor Day weekend is reaching an important milestone this year. They will surpass the $1 million dollar mark in giveback money to the community. The volunteers have dubbed the fest the Million $ Polka this year. SqueezeBox with Mollie B will be performing to help the fest usher in this new achievement.

Westfest was founded in 1976 for the purpose of raising funds to give back to community projects such as the community center, library, youth programs, and senior citizen activities. Because you polka every Labor Day weekend, the fest can continue to advance its community.

Don't worry, Brave Combo will also be there. They've been there since just about the start of the fest. Eight more polka bands will perform during the weekend, and the fest has some great country entertainers lined up for the Friday night pre-party and Sunday night shutdown party.

I love all of these win-win situations, where we get to dance, and the communities get to benefit.

Till next month, Polka On!

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