Bohemian Princess Diary

You know how you start planning a big event a year or two out thinking you have plenty of time to get things in order? And then before you know it, it's here and the questions start and panic sets in - what about food, what about bands, what about t-shirts, etc. It's the kind of train of thought that keeps you up nights.

Well, the TPN 30th Birthday Bash is THIS MONTH! Sat., June 30. I am so grateful because when I started asking all these questions, friends, sponsors, family all stepped up. The bands were booked almost immediately. In fact, had to tell some bands no. (We may have to have another party, but only after I recover from this one!)

An email from Tim at Slovacek's answered the food question. "We'll donate the sausage," he casually said. Ahhhh! That's huge. Thank you! Then, what's a polka party without kolaches? One phone call to Lynn at Original Kountry Bakery in Schulenburg was all it took for her to say we'll donate the kolaches. Check that off the list!

Brewmaster Jimmy Mauric at Spoetzel Brewery sent me a check almost quicker than I could ask for it, as did Charlie Lockwood with Texas Folklife. Their generous donations will help pay for the bands and decorations.

And speaking of decorations - my BFF, Sarah, and her sister, Cathy, said no prob, and they started coming up with all these ideas for decorations. The KC Hall is going to look amazing. They even wrangled their husbands to help with set up and run the event. Awesome!

I turned to Jeff Brosch for t-shirts. He's the one who always makes this paper look so great month after month. Of course he had some great ideas for art for t-shirts and koozies. You're going to love them!

Then I reached out to my unpaid staff of photographers and other polka pals and they said whatever you need. I think I cried! Pat Vrazel is even turning on her oven in this blistering heat to make some of her famous chocolate chip cookies. Now that's dedication!

Mark Hermes with Czechaholics said they would provide the sound system and help coordinate the comings and goings of the bands. That's another huge deal.

And of course, through all of this is John's support. He has to put up with the questions. It's a good thing he has a workshop in the garage. It's his escape. Ha!

I can't thank everyone enough! It's going to be quite a party. And the pis de resistance is JANE IS COMING! Yes, my granddaughter, and oh yeah, her parents Will and Jenny, are traveling from Los Angeles to be at the party, along with my youngest son, Alec. Also, John's cousin from St. Louis is flying in for the affair. I'm wondering if I should get a red carpet.

This will be Jane's polka coming out party. She will be 13 months old. (I am traveling to LA at the end of May for her first birthday party.) Can't wait to create all these memories with her!

Read more about the party on page 6. If you buy advance tickets either online or through the mail by June 16, you'll get a coupon for $5 off the t-shirt that everyone is going to want to have!

See you at the party. Till next month, Polka On!

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