Bohemian Princess Diary

Thanks for the dance, y’all! Since starting in 2010 and assuming ownership of Texas Polka News in 2014, I have thoroughly enjoyed the dance. I think the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the call to stop systemic racism in our country has made many Americans examine their lives and step out from the comfort of the norm and make changes. That is where I find myself.

Many of you over the years have commented to me, “I don’t know how you do it all.” I would just laugh and take it as a compliment that you appreciated what I was doing. I began to realize y’all are more astute than I am. I thought, “How do I do it all?”

I discovered that publishing the paper and maintaining the websites had taken over my life. I was always on deadline, many times not being able to attend a dance or a festival because I had to make sure I would get the paper to the printer on time each month – sometimes I did and sometimes I didn’t.

I found that wearing many hats – publisher, editor, writer, bookkeeper, circulation manager, designer, ad sales rep – overwhelmed me.

I was fortunate to have Gary E. McKee as editor and photojournalist and Jeff Brosch as graphic designer. I also had a great staff of volunteer photographers, and Justin Everett’s music reviews and articles were a great addition to the paper. Thank you all for your contributions. But after “doing it all” for five years, I am burned out.

That does not mean the end of Texas Polka News and polkabeat. com. It will continue under the leadership of Gary and a soon-to-be-named publisher. We are working out all the details on the transition and will make an announcement in the next issue.

I am so happy to see that Gary will continue with the paper. As Jim Zabojnik of Czech Harvesters recently commented on Facebook, “Gary's a gem and a walk'n encyclopedia!” He is a gem (maybe a little rough around the edges, but a gem just the same) and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Gary has the passion for Texas music and dance halls to see that the tradition of Julius Tupa will live on.

I want to thank you all – my family and friends, advertisers, subscribers, organizations – for your support and encouragement over the years. I have met some wonderful people and now call them friends.

I look forward to the next dance in my life – retirement and spending more time with my granddaughter, Jane. And hopefully, John and I will see you at a dance or festival soon.

Till then, polka on!

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