Bohemian Princess Diary

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in our country, I thought last month's column was hard to write, until I sat down to pen this one. So much uncertainty, so much worrying, so much anxiety. I am comforted by a line from my latest favorite Bible reading from Romans - Hope does not disappoint.

I have also been comforted by social media, believe it or not. I don't check Facebook every day or every hour like some do, but I have been checking it more. It is great to see what our subscribers are doing - baking kolaches; making incredible meals that would make my husband say, "You know how much they would charge for that in a restaurant?"; dancing in the garage, the driveway, the yard; harvesting gardens; enjoying sunsets; teaching their kids; fishing; praying; celebrating Mass online; taking walks; watching videos of musicians performing on their porches, in their houses, and country stores.

As it turned out, all dances, festivals, and church picnics in April were canceled or postponed. Many venues, clubs, and churches have decided to cancel May events as well. If you haven't done so, bookmark on your internet browser as we promise to keep you informed when events are canceled and rescheduled. When in doubt please call the venue or organization to make sure events are still taking place.

As for TPN, which relies heavily on ad revenue from events and dance venues, I have made the difficult decision to change the publishing schedule from monthly to every other month. I don't know how long this will last, possibly until the end of the year.

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