Bohemian Princess Diary

Welcome to our fifth anniversary edition of the Texas Polka News. Yup! Gary and I have been churning out the dancing news since September 2014. We thought we would commemorate this milestone with a look back at some of the photos that have graced these pages and archived on the polkabeat flickr page. Did you know we have 61,226 photos? Of course, that's since 2011 when polkabeat started keeping track. Wow! That's a lot of dancing!

Gary and I selected some of our favorite shots and we asked our volunteer photographers to tell us their faves. We could not cover the Texas music scene without the help of our photographers! Y'all are the best!

It was hard for me to settle on my favorites. I'm a sucker for photos of cute kids, people laughing, dancing, and singing, musicians feeling the music, historic dance halls (which my husband says is code for no air conditioning), and church picnics where people have been gathering under the same oak trees for more than a hundred years.

Enjoy the photos we did select and be sure to visit the polkabeat flickr page for more happy memories. In this column are a few that made me smile. Like the good picture of John and I from the SqueezeBox dance at Lodge 88 in January 2017. I could not publish the paper without the love and support of John, family, and friends.

Thanks also to the advertisers who entrust us to help them promote their events and products. AND our subscribers. Y'all rock! I can't say I like getting all the calls when the paper is late, but that tells me how much you look forward to each issue. Some of you even call to make sure I'm okay.

Here's to many more years of dancing memories. Along the way, let's Polka On!

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