Bohemian Princess Diary

Polka = Happy! And that's exactly what you found at the 40th Annual South Texas Polka & Sausage Festival in Hallettsville in March. Some of the highlights:

• Fried fish Friday night.

The Moravians covering my favorite Pat Green song, Take Me Out to a Dance Hall.

• 12 new subscribers!

• Visiting with everyone who stopped by the TPN table. Lots of bumper stickers were purchased, so I'll be looking for those to show up in dance hall parking lots!

• Polka Mass with music by the Psalm Sunday Polka Boys (so dubbed by Gary).

• Dancing with my sweetheart Saturday night.

• My new Shiner Hobo Band t-shirt.

• When the stage lost power, but John and Mark Dujka, with Mason Nesvadba on tuba continued to play and dancers continued to dance!

• The induction of Wence Shimek Orchestra, Fritz Hodde & The Fabulous Six, and the Pavliska Family, who helped found the festival into the South Texas Polka Hall of Fame. I think these three families accounted for the majority of the crowd on Sunday!

• Texas Trash by Hermes Farms. Best snack mix ever!

• Great food - Janak's sausage, sauerkraut was just the right tartness, fried chicken like my mamma used to make, and yummy cream cheese kolaches!

• Monster polka jam and sing-a-long on Sunday.

• Seeing all the kids learning to dance and having a great time. I didn't see one pouty face!

Joe Zetka on harmonica. Thanks to all the KCs and volunteers who once again put on a great festival! Below are some fave photos, thanks to Gary, Joe Cool Pavlicek, Karen Kurtz, Earline Berger Okruhlik, and Rose Everett. See more great photos on pages 28 and 32, and of course, at flickr/polkabeat. See you in Ennis! Until next month, Polka On!

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