Bohemian Princess Diary

Wow! It was great to see a full house at SPJST Lodge 88 on Sun., March 10. Squeezebox was in town and the event was sold out, like just about every other performance the band had on its Texas tour. Highlights:

• Celebrating Harold Lawson's 95th birthday, with his wife, Mary Lou, and their families.

• Seeing the look on Harold's face when Mollie B presented him with framed, autographed photos of her and the band.

• Enjoying free draft Shiner Bock, courtesy of Harold.

• Getting autographs from Mollie, Ted, Dana, and Joe, aka, Squeezebox.

• Getting autographs from the dancers who starred in the The Mule movie. (Of course I used my February issue of TPN to get all of these signatures!)

• Dancing with my hubby, John.

• Watching The Mule dancers on the floor - such a joy to watch them effortlessly move across the floor. Although there were some acrobatics involved as Louis and Elaine took turns lifting each other in one of their dance routines.

• Seeing people of all ages on the dance floor.

April is jam-packed with dancing options. Get out there and celebrate spring! Until next month, Polka On!

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