Backroad Melodies

Do you enjoy listening to artists sing their own compositions?

Do you enjoy listening to classic country music with a modern twist?

Then Darrel Appelt's album, Long Time, Good Time, belongs in your music library. This album captures the many moods of Darrel's singing style. The song, Take A Little Time, displays the happy side of country music as the beat resembles cowboys and cowgirls line dancing in their favorite dance hall.

There was one song on this album that I feel captures the essence of country music and Lone Star Pride - Just Another Texas Song is a more than self-explanatory title. Darrel proudly sings of his Texas roots as he refers to Gruene Hall, Luckenbach, George Strait, and the Houston Rodeo in the lyrics.

The song, Carry On The Family Name, shifts more to the inspirational side as it tells a story of a father teaching his children the values of life and of how the children remember to use their father's advice in the real world. This song not only touches your heart but reminds everyone that the world needs strong people.

The title song, Long Time, Good Time, gets to the meat-and-potatoes of this album as the steel guitars and fiddles guide Darrel's countrytwang vocals.

On the song, She's Gone, Darrel showcases his talent for switching singing styles as this tune passes for 1970's Southern Rock which will bring a lot of people back home. This album is definitely a can't miss and is perfect for listening to on car rides or just for fun. It is available for free on YouTube and Spotify.