Back with a Bang


With more Number One hits than you can count on your fingers and a voice like an angelic cowboy, it is plain to see why George Strait's new CD, Honky Tonk Time Machine is being played all over the place.

This album contains a plethora of astonishing songs, beginning with Every Little Honky Tonk Bar. With a cheerful line-dance beat and a happy melody, I could only imagine that this track will be a favorite for GS fans. One of my personal favorites is Two More Wishes. The Mexican Flamenco melody combined with the sounds of castanets, make this song more enjoyable.

Another interesting song is Blue Water. This track describes the best way to drown your troubles; by going to a beach or someplace tropical. The lyrics say it all, I need the motion of the ocean, that's the only magic potion.

George then shifted gears on this album by singing the heartfelt and touching anthem, The Weight of the Badge. This song tells a story of a police officer who knows the dangers of his career but proudly performs his duties anyway; not only for his fellow civilians, but for his family as well. No he's not gonna buckle, under the weight of the badge are the perfect lyrics to sum up the song. This tune also pays tribute to the men and women of law enforcement.

There is quite a bit of variety on this album, especially when George sings the inspirational Christian song What Goes Up. This song is all about the power of prayer. The words He has the answers when they can't be found, what goes up (prayers) must come down, are perfectly fitting for this song.

Now we get to the bread and butter, the title track Honky Tonk Time Machine. The mood of this song reminds me of a 1980s country dance club scene (similar to the one in the film, Urban Cowboy). George even reverts back to his 1980s roots by singing a duet with Willie Nelson, Sing One With Willie, to close out this piece of country magic.

This album does not dissapoint and does a fine job of showcasing George's talents and proves that he is still the king. This recording is available free for listening on Spotify and you can also hear every song on YouTube for free.

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